Fresh start to 2020!

So many new ways to experience a massage at Functional Massage Therapy!

Chair massages are now available and may appeal to those unable to comfortably lay down. I’ve had a few requests and can now provide!

2 hour massages are now an option! They are available by booking my first 2 spots at 11am and 1230pm. When I see one name for both times, I will know it will be a 2 hour massage. The cost is $222, includes GST. The cost of one hour massages has risen to $105 including GST.

Functional Massage Therapy has a new product to offer. Posturemedic is a posture support device that also functions as a strengthening tool. It comes in 4 sizes to give you the stability you need. $45, includes GST.

Other neat new ways Functional Massage Therapy is starting 2020 with a fresh focus is with new floors, paint and furnishings. It makes the clinic feel larger, cleaner and more comfortable going forward! Come check out the new look!

Happy 8 year Anniversary!

November marks 8 years since Functional Massage Therapy first began on 6th street in Courtenay! Much gratitude for each and every patient that received treatment! I appreciate the wisdom gained and the ability to grow to continue serving my community! Thank you for putting your presence in my hands!

Beginning January 2020, I’ll be raising my rates to $105 including gst for an hour of massage therapy. I’m not a fan of raising my rates. I struggle with keeping up with my colleagues prices, keeping health care affordable and keeping my location. I will contact my MLA to advocate for better medical coverage for all Canadians!

In the year since I took over the space at 331c, there has been constant updates with more in store! Soon new floors and paint, thanks to the long tern partnership with the owner of the building! I also welcomed my first tenant, Dr. Kallista Bell. It was great to have more health services alongside mine. She has recently relocated to Comox and I wish her all the success! Which means I’m ready to grow and welcome 2 new health care professionals to join me. Maybe a counselor, physio, acupuncturist or dietitian to offer complete care? Maybe another Rmt or 2? There is space to grow a practice under your own terms &/or come into this opportunity with a more all inclusive option. I’m putting this out there to see if it is you?

Wider base of support

As summer fades to fall, we are pleased to announce a new wider massage table to better support our patients! When we can operate from a place of stability instead of a place of protection, our whole game and playing field changes! Book an appointment with Functional Massage Therapy to learn how this may apply to you!

With school returning, we are reminded that it has been 14 years since Leslie Clisby became a RMT! May we all continue learning and growing! May you succeed at everything that grabs your focus!

Bringing the clinic into 2019!

Functional Massage Therapy is being updated to 2019 with painting the peach built ins or removing them completely and it is refreshing!

Don’t let your good intentions get fuzzy as summer ramps up. Keep striving to understand your body and what it needs to run well. No sense in getting bent out of shape or walk around like a pretzel! If something hurts, ask why and make the changes needed to function freely. Make an appointment for massage therapy today to see how another perspective or set of hands can make all the difference for you! Now accepting new patients, book online or via 250 338 4515!

Happy Spring 2019!

It’s that time of year when we clean out the dark corners of winter as we prepare for the growth of spring. Learning something new can be tricky and exhausting, but once we master and refine our focus, our efforts become easier. This rings true for our body too. Using awareness to support our center of gravity can yield a more stable structure to move upon, rather than coming from a place of protection. Is your neck in a stable position or do you protect it from injury? These two different perspectives can change the very surface upon which we play; opening or closing different avenues or trails to explore. Come see Leslie Clisby for a tune up to ensure you have a spring to your step as we dive into this warmer weather!

New to the clinic and Courtenay is Psychologist, Dr. Kallista Bell! It is a blessing to welcome another regulated health professional to the team. She began seeing patients here in February and is settling in nicely. Please take a moment to visit her website,, to see how she can help support your wellness! Her number is 250 999 8849 or email is

Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays from Functional Massage Therapy! We are fully booked until 2019!  The clinic will be closed December 24th, 25th and January 1st. Regular clinic hours will resume January 2nd.

2018 was a year of changes here at Functional Massage Therapy!  Dragonfly Community Acupuncture moved out, several rooms were renovated and we ended the year busier than ever!  It has been an honor and a privilege to be on your health care team, seeing all your successes and victories along your journey.  Take care and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019!

2019 Sneak peek:  a psychologist joins the Functional team in February!  More details will be announced later in January.

Housekeeping 2.018

331C 6th Street under went a transformation over the Labour Day long weekend.  My colleagues, Dragonfly Community Acupuncture, moved out.  Functional Massage Therapy is now the only business here!  Which means, Leslie is looking for 2 people to join her and rent the two available offices.  The downtown Courtenay location is ideal for any independant professional that is looking for a quiet atmosphere.

After cleaning the clinic, Leslie Clisby went to work to fill the reception area with artwork, furniture and moved some operations to the front desk area.  She hopes patients will enjoy the minimalistic makeover!

The front door will be locked more often as there is only one of her. Technically, massages are by appointment only.  Please call, email or book online to book a spot now! If you book online, a perk is an email reminder 24 hours before.

Functional Massage Therapy’s google listing is a bit confusing to some.  The google street view from the first location still shows!  Thankfully, only 2 doors separate the old location from the current one!  Please don’t be fooled by the 2nd floor photo or the logo photo with the old 2-345 address.  A  request for those images to be removed is pending approval from Google.

Up and running!

I’m pleased to announce that online booking is now an option!  I’ve been putting it to the test the past month or 2 and I’m quite happy with how user friendly it is, both for my patients and myself.

New patients are welcome and quite often there are appointments available the same week!  Functional Massage Therapy is keen to learn how to best support you and your needs!  If you are new to the Comox Valley or just passing through, give the clinic a call or book online today!  Helping the local population unwind, relax and recover in downtown Courtenay since 2011!

May Long weekend is upon us and Functional Massage Therapy will be closed May 21st.  Normal hours of operation will continue throughout the summer of 2018.  Just a reminder that rates will be increasing to $100/hour of massage therapy, beginning June 1st.


New for Functional Massage Therapy!

Beginning June 1st, 2018, Functional Massage Therapy rates will increase to $100/hour.  Mainly to keep in line with my colleagues here in the Comox Valley!

I am considering adding online booking to increase options for my patients.  I hope to have this ready in the next month or so.  One less barrier to keeping you functional and helping me serve you!  It will be a leap in faith as I give up control, but as long as I’m fully booked, I will be happy!

Looking through my files since I changed locations almost 2 years ago, I realized there are still a number of patients that have yet to receive treatment at my new clinic space.  Please don’t hesitate any longer!  My practice has come a long way in the 6 years since I set up shop for myself.  I think you will find the ground level, wheelchair accessible space very convenient, delightful and relaxing!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone is safe, comfortable and feeling great!  For those that struggle with understanding their bodies, I strive to create a safe harbour as a starting point to learn to hear ourselves and refine how we move.  Often times, awareness is all we need to return to a place of stability and power.  Are we allowing the spine to create movement or are we pushing ourselves away from center, by allowing our limbs to control us?    

People often ask me to describe my style of massage, as its something they have never experienced.  Its difficult for me to verbalize what a “Leslie” massage is.  I listen to your body and seek to understand the direction it is heading in.  I look at how my patients carry themselves and how they support their efforts for quality of movement.  I take that input and strive to balance out your pulley system.  Sometimes its akin to a slow archaeological dig, other times it feels like I’m clearing brush from an overgrown trail.  I tend to use techniques involving fascial, joint manipulation, ligamentous articular strain, and soothing swedish to calm the nervous system.  I strive to understand how your mind controls your body to allow your spirit to move, all while applying science and medicine to allow epiphany’s of recognition to bubble to the surface.