Improving access by removing barriers!

20160803_113052_resizedKeeping with the ground level theme of my new clinic space at 331C 6th Street, I am signing up for direct billing to extended medical insurers. Blue Cross members can now enjoy this convenience! This means that if you have 100% coverage, there is no exchange of money or having to submit your own claims. I do it all for you, including finding out what coverage you have. Only have 80% coverage? Too easy; 20% will be billed to you at time of treatment, that is only $19 cost to you. Have questions or want to book in now for massage therapy, call 250 338 4515 today! Coming this fall, direct billing for sunlife, manulife, great west life, chamber of commerce group plans, desjardins, cowan, johnson and maximum benefit!

Have you had success with massage therapy improving your quality of life or decreasing your symptoms?  Please share your experience with your Doctor or friends!  Perhaps massage therapy could be of benefit to others as well!  We need to start sharing our strengths and what has helped you personally to improve options and choices for everyone!  Did you know that massage therapy can help with hiccups, painful feet, decreased grip strength of hands, bladder infections, sciatic pain, numbness and tingling. Just to name a few.   I love explaining how our bodies function to improve our understanding and self awareness!


New location! 331C 6th Street within Dragonfly Community Acupuncture!

Functional Massage Therapy has taken a leap of faith and safely landed at Dragonfly Community Acupuncture!

Today was my first day of business at the new location of 331C 6th Street. Easy to find, as its in the building next door at street level! I can finally offer a wheelchair accessible location which makes me quite happy to expand the potential for care and service.

I’m excited to work alongside my new colleagues, Andrew and Brittany, as we look to find balance by bringing eastern and western approaches within the same treatment centre! Joyfully, everything else will remain the same: phone, email, scheduling, billing and days of operation. I hope to see you at my new location!

Functional Massage Therapy's photo.
Functional Massage Therapy's photo.
Functional Massage Therapy's photo.


Game on! This healer is healed!

They say the best way to learn something is through experience, including injuries! After sustaining a moderate wrist sprain in January requiring some time off from the clinic, I am happy to be back full force! Many thanks to Dr. Deb Wright at Bayview Chiropractic for being my wrist whisperer and religning all my carpal bones! I have 4 appointment times available this week for my patient patients that have been waiting for my return! So happy to be functional again!

Scapholunate ligaments scaphoid ligaments

Hello 2016! Happy New Year!

Feeling like embracing change and morphing into a greater version of yourself?  Are you ready to let go of pain, discomfort or routines that leave you stuck?  Are you wondering what is best for you going forward?  It’s business as usual here at Functional Massage Therapy and I strive to connect with you to understand your needs!   So, if you have a goal in mind or a complicated health history ~ please share it with me!  I love melting away layers and rebuilding a more functional playing field to move upon.  It gives me great joy to help you understand your body and the way it moves.

New to my list of skills to help serve you better is a course I recently took to better understand your cranium.  The sphenoid (pictured below) is the keystone bone of your skull and I now know how to manipulate it!  All the other skull bones connect with it, your pituitary gland rests on it, many blood vessels and nerves pass through it and it attaches to your brain via membranes.  Some symptoms that may relate to the bone being dysfunctionally aligned are:  headaches, migraines, hayfever, sinusitis, facial paralysis, hypertension,  concussion symptoms or jaw issues.  The treatment is gentle in nature and I’ve had some success in my practice already!


Don’t let the skull bones scare you.  I still give a great, relaxing, make you drool massage to take the edge off of anything that life throws your way.  I’m here, even when things go sideways!

Nurturing support

11053260_10155979340835461_8132718669005172537_nAs summer switches to fall, the daylight balances with the twilight, sharing equal hours of light and dark. I encourage everyone to take stock of what is supporting you and what is causing dysfunction. Are your patterns of movement empowering you to go forward as strong and stable as possible? Do you need a seasonal tune up for your body to ensure you are aligned with what is best for you? Or perhaps you have a nagging injury that just won’t go away?

The past few months have been exceptionally busy and I welcome the ebb and flow of new patients joining my practice as I have space now. I wish for my patients to continue to strive to be their best and be mindful of how they carry themselves. I am here for you if you need a reminder or a nudge in the right direction or if you just need to rest.

I’m entering my fourth year of operating Functional Massage Therapy in the beautiful Comox Valley and my tenth year of being a registered massage therapist. These are happy times that I wish to celebrate with you!
Cheers and thank you for your continued support!

Heat Waves and Chilling out

June is around the corner and the temperature feels like Maui here in the Comox Valley! The clinic fan is ready to cool you off, while you settle in for an hour of having your needs heard, your muscles massaged and your nerves soothed. New in the clinic is Cryoderm! I have a small supply on hand to sell. It’s a gel that acts like an ice pack to calm your achey muscles and joints. Small convenient bottle fits in your purse or gym bag.

I will be taking some time this summer to reunite with my fellow Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy graduates from 10 years ago! To accomodate this and some other fun times, Functional Massage Therapy will be open a few Fridays this summer: June 5th, July 3rd, August 7, August 14th. Otherwise, its business as usual; open Monday through Thursday to serve you and yours! Give us a call today!

Spring is upon us!

The past 3 months went by quickly and now the flowers are in bloom! I enjoyed a seminar with Dr. Gabor Mate on Peer Orientation. It was a special type of small town ambience to hear him speak about community in my own community! The biggest truth was to build nurturing, secure relationships where we can be safe and cherished. Only then can we heal, grow and thrive. With that in mind, I’ve begun to develop a workshop to honor, teach and explore safe nurturing touch. If you are curious about this topic or would like to know more about this workshop, please let me know!

I’ve signed up for a one day course on the sphenoid gateway for this November. In general terms, it’s about the innermost bone of our face. It shapes our eye sockets, balances our jaw and cheekbones. It is the seat of cranial work and is affected by head injuries. I still enjoy working with patients bladders, liver, intestines and uterus. Getting some really great feedback and results about pain free living!  Looking forward to building upon this base of knowledge in 2016!

I continue studying the thorax and finding different ways to help people understand neck position as it relates to shoulder function. And how to balance our scapulas/ shoulder blades, as they hover over our ribs. O, the joy of being mindful!

I am accepting new patients, as long as they have daytime availability. I prefer to ease dysfunction, to get your pulley systems operating efficiently. Although patients have been requesting more relaxing treatments over deep ones. It’s been nice to to ease up on the pressure I apply and intriguing to see the effects on my patients!

I even managed to paint the main entrance door of Functional Massage Therapy! It certainly is nice to refine our present situations!

One last note: I will be open Easter Monday, as per usual. My ten year RMT grad reunion is happening this August long weekend! Wow ten years already!

Happy Decembering!

I’m committed to being here four days a week for my patients during the holidays! So if you need that little bit of extra support to get you through the dark days and chilly mornings, give me a call. The clinic will be closed December 25 and January 1st and open Boxing Day. Coming in January 2015 – new rates – $95/hour! May many blessings be upon you!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary

I am settled into a strong sense of self preservation, where safety and well-being are what I find worthwhile. It’s with this strength that I open my massage therapy clinic to you and yours. May it be a place where you find a sense of your natural resting position, where you can let go of movements that hinder you or where your natural rhythm and sense of power can be revitalized through a strong foundation of balance and support. I cherish my ability to help, heal and care! This is what I hope to offer you!

Game On! New patients welcome!

Aahhhhh, the heat of summer is upon us and everyone is adventuring!  I am ready, willing and able to treat new and old patients alike.  My schedule has opened up again and my cancellation list is empty.  I’m not exactly opening the flood gates, but I am looking for “projects” in the form of injuries – old or new, or something that I can sink my hands into to help you move better.  My last appointments are still the most popular so get at me if you have daytime availability!  Cheers!