Oh My Goodness – Summer 2014 Update

Things haven’t really slowed down here at Functional Massage Therapy. There are only 11 appointments remaining for the month of June! Since February, only 4 new patients have joined the practice, so I’m confident I made the right decision to close the flood gates when I did. I will continue adding new patient requests to my waitlist, but you’re looking at a 3 month waitlist, longer if you’re only available at 4:30/5pm.

I’m very grateful to be this busy, its even allowed me to change my preferred area of practice! After offering full body relaxation massages since 1997, I’m shifting my clinical focus to injuries and rehabilitation. That’s right ~ no more full body massages! I want projects to work on that I can sink my hands into, patients that yearn to return to doing things they love but are limited by pain, immobility or numbness/tingling. If this speaks to you, please reach out to me (especially if available at 11am or 1pm!)

Another thing worth mentioning is the change to my schedule. I’m available Monday through Thursday from 11am until 6pm and quite often I’m only in the clinic when I’m actually treating patients. The rest of the time I’m playing outside enjoying this beautiful summer weather. 250 338 4515 is your best way to reach me or email leslie@functionalmassagetherapy.ca, although I only check emails when I’m in the clinic.

One last update: no more hour and a half massages! Unless you have a couple of projects that warrant such a lengthy massage and you’re open to coming earlier in the day. This change is to allow more people with injuries to be treated by me on any given day as I only see 3 patients a day, 4 maximum.

To all my patients: Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am so absolutely happy with how things are progressing at Functional Massage Therapy!