Spring is upon us!

The past 3 months went by quickly and now the flowers are in bloom! I enjoyed a seminar with Dr. Gabor Mate on Peer Orientation. It was a special type of small town ambience to hear him speak about community in my own community! The biggest truth was to build nurturing, secure relationships where we can be safe and cherished. Only then can we heal, grow and thrive. With that in mind, I’ve begun to develop a workshop to honor, teach and explore safe nurturing touch. If you are curious about this topic or would like to know more about this workshop, please let me know!

I’ve signed up for a one day course on the sphenoid gateway for this November. In general terms, it’s about the innermost bone of our face. It shapes our eye sockets, balances our jaw and cheekbones. It is the seat of cranial work and is affected by head injuries. I still enjoy working with patients bladders, liver, intestines and uterus. Getting some really great feedback and results about pain free living!  Looking forward to building upon this base of knowledge in 2016!

I continue studying the thorax and finding different ways to help people understand neck position as it relates to shoulder function. And how to balance our scapulas/ shoulder blades, as they hover over our ribs. O, the joy of being mindful!

I am accepting new patients, as long as they have daytime availability. I prefer to ease dysfunction, to get your pulley systems operating efficiently. Although patients have been requesting more relaxing treatments over deep ones. It’s been nice to to ease up on the pressure I apply and intriguing to see the effects on my patients!

I even managed to paint the main entrance door of Functional Massage Therapy! It certainly is nice to refine our present situations!

One last note: I will be open Easter Monday, as per usual. My ten year RMT grad reunion is happening this August long weekend! Wow ten years already!