Hello 2016! Happy New Year!

Feeling like embracing change and morphing into a greater version of yourself?  Are you ready to let go of pain, discomfort or routines that leave you stuck?  Are you wondering what is best for you going forward?  It’s business as usual here at Functional Massage Therapy and I strive to connect with you to understand your needs!   So, if you have a goal in mind or a complicated health history ~ please share it with me!  I love melting away layers and rebuilding a more functional playing field to move upon.  It gives me great joy to help you understand your body and the way it moves.

New to my list of skills to help serve you better is a course I recently took to better understand your cranium.  The sphenoid (pictured below) is the keystone bone of your skull and I now know how to manipulate it!  All the other skull bones connect with it, your pituitary gland rests on it, many blood vessels and nerves pass through it and it attaches to your brain via membranes.  Some symptoms that may relate to the bone being dysfunctionally aligned are:  headaches, migraines, hayfever, sinusitis, facial paralysis, hypertension,  concussion symptoms or jaw issues.  The treatment is gentle in nature and I’ve had some success in my practice already!


Don’t let the skull bones scare you.  I still give a great, relaxing, make you drool massage to take the edge off of anything that life throws your way.  I’m here, even when things go sideways!