Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone is safe, comfortable and feeling great!  For those that struggle with understanding their bodies, I strive to create a safe harbour as a starting point to learn to hear ourselves and refine how we move.  Often times, awareness is all we need to return to a place of stability and power.  Are we allowing the spine to create movement or are we pushing ourselves away from center, by allowing our limbs to control us?    

People often ask me to describe my style of massage, as its something they have never experienced.  Its difficult for me to verbalize what a “Leslie” massage is.  I listen to your body and seek to understand the direction it is heading in.  I look at how my patients carry themselves and how they support their efforts for quality of movement.  I take that input and strive to balance out your pulley system.  Sometimes its akin to a slow archaeological dig, other times it feels like I’m clearing brush from an overgrown trail.  I tend to use techniques involving fascial, joint manipulation, ligamentous articular strain, and soothing swedish to calm the nervous system.  I strive to understand how your mind controls your body to allow your spirit to move, all while applying science and medicine to allow epiphany’s of recognition to bubble to the surface.