Happy 8 year Anniversary!

November marks 8 years since Functional Massage Therapy first began on 6th street in Courtenay! Much gratitude for each and every patient that received treatment! I appreciate the wisdom gained and the ability to grow to continue serving my community! Thank you for putting your presence in my hands!

Beginning January 2020, I’ll be raising my rates to $105 including gst for an hour of massage therapy. I’m not a fan of raising my rates. I struggle with keeping up with my colleagues prices, keeping health care affordable and keeping my location. I will contact my MLA to advocate for better medical coverage for all Canadians!

In the year since I took over the space at 331c, there has been constant updates with more in store! Soon new floors and paint, thanks to the long tern partnership with the owner of the building! I also welcomed my first tenant, a psychologist. It was great to have more health services alongside mine. She has recently relocated to Comox and I wish her all the success! Which means I’m ready to grow and welcome 2 new health care professionals to join me. Maybe a counselor, physio, acupuncturist or dietitian to offer complete care? Maybe another Rmt or 2? There is space to grow a practice under your own terms &/or come into this opportunity with a more all inclusive option. I’m putting this out there to see if it is you?