Learning more, doing what is best. Covid 2020 Reopening update!

Functional Massage Therapy has been opened for the past 3 weeks while the Island had no positive cases. Now that one was recently announced in the south Island, it is wise to review my systems and make improvements where necessary before a local case is announced. Until today, some patients with pre-existing chronic mild symptoms that are familiar to them and them to me, were treated using clinical reasoning; feeling comfortable with the status on the Island and my precautions of not treating anyone with exposure off the Island for 2 weeks were adequate. Things like blowing your nose upon awakening or a headache from a kinked position while napping, were discussed and referred to *811, while informed consent was given to proceed. Today, my system is to reschedule any Covid symptom for any reason until a negative Covid test is confirmed or 10 days have past since onset of symptoms and those symptoms have resolved, allergies and headaches included. Please call *811 to discuss your options for all of our protection before booking an appointment should you have a runny nose. I need to rely on honesty and a level of seriousness for the process to keep helping my patients. Fever reducing medication (Tylenol) can’t be taken for four hours before monitoring for fever. Should you be on antibiotics for any reason, please wait until the prescription is complete before booking an appointment. There will be plenty to massage once the nose clears, the headache fades and we can all breathe easy again! Hopefully it won’t take 3 months to get in to see me again if we all do our part! It’s a minor inconvenience but necessary in these strange times. As a precaution, Leslie Clisby was recently swabbed and tested negative. It turns out “normal” morning congestion can be related to excessive cheese/sugar intake. There will be plenty of time for cake once covid is a thing of the past. This is the link https://cmtbc.ca/registrants/faqs-rmts-return-to-practice-interim-guidelines/ that guides my decisions, as well as the wonderful supportive team at VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority! Take Care and be Kind!