Refreshing policies for ease of access!

Beginning March 1, 2022, it will be easier to make appointments at Functional Massage Therapy. According to Infection Control experts, Covid in 2022 is much different than Covid in 2020. The Omicron variant incubation period is shorter than the previous variants. Therefore, Leslie Clisby has decided to update some policies.

New guidelines

  • Travel and social contacts outside of the North Island has shifted to 5 days.
  • Exposure to illness has shifted to 5 days, as long as you remain symptom free.
  • Experiencing symptoms of illness, please wait until symptoms resolve.
  • Confirmed covid symptoms must wait 10 days from onset.
  • Workplace exposure while PPE is worn is no longer a barrier for care.

Once active cases, hospitalizations and rate of transmission fall on the Island,
the travel and social contact boundary will expand and two hour massages will be available again. As of last week, there are still 135 cases on the North Island, 59 in the Comox Valley. There are 67 Islanders in the hospital with 67% being fully vaccinated.  Rate of transmission is 9%. 

Please continue to take care and be kind. Your honesty and wellbeing is valued at Functional Massage Therapy!