Online Booking is Open!

Functional Massage Therapy has opened online booking at the click of a button from this website! You can also link to Leslie’s schedule and your profile via the Jane platform at or via the “Book an Appointment” button, on the right side of this home screen, below the clinic photo.

Leslie Clisby has space in their schedule to welcome new patients to Functional Massage Therapy. Patients are required to be low risk due to the current Covid environment here on the Island, out of respect for all patients that seek care at Functional Massage Therapy. This means for the two weeks prior to your massage appointment – keep faces and places to a minimum by; keeping social gatherings to a 6 pack outside of your home bubble; stay on the Island and don’t host guests or family from off Island, (surrounding gulf islands are fine, but Powell River is Vancouver Coastal health authority, which is experiencing a 2nd wave), have no symptoms, mild or otherwise and have no contact with anyone ill for 10 days. I rely on your honesty and cooperation to keep my doors safely open!