Returning to the indoors safely

A survey has been created to better understand how my patients bubbles will be balancing the cooler weather, education, activities and ongoing Covid concerns. When Functional Massage Therapy reopened in June, the variables were less daunting with zero cases on the island and all requests for care had to be scheduled by Leslie Clisby. Now that online booking has made scheduling self serve again, Leslie Clisby is shifting some policies and admin tasks to help eliminate guess work and improve communication. Your understanding, cooperation and honesty are truly appreciated as she finds the balance between remaining safely open and avoiding the contact trace team!

With cooler weather comes the return of school and other organizations and services are starting to reopen with a safety plan. Indoor gatherings of this nature will be tolerated as long as masks are worn indoors, attendees remain seated 2 meters apart, handwashing/sanitizing is done upon entry and exit and they isolate from the clinic immediately if anyone in their education or service bubble develops symptoms. Singing, sharing food, drink or serving utensils are not options in this stage of easing of restrictions at Functional Massage Therapy. All other indoor gatherings greater than 6 people outside of your home bubble are excluded from this stage of easing of restrictions, unless all participants wear masks.