Free to roam the whole Island!

At Functional Massage Therapy, it’s the data that dictates travel restrictions, not dates. Now that the VIHA numbers have dropped below 40, it is safer to interact with other Island communities. Be free to roam the whole Island with your fellow Islanders without having to wait 2 weeks for a massage!

Functional Massage Therapy will open up to BC wide travel for their patients once the whole province falls to 40 active cases. Until then, please keep your travel and social contacts to the Island region 2 weeks before your massage. Not everyone is ready to take on more risks associated with travel and increased social intermingling.

The north island travel restriction may be reimplemented in the future, should VIHA cases rise above 80. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen as more people get their double dose of vaccinations. Leslie Clisby received her 2nd Pfizer shot on June 4th, 2021!

In other news, Leslie Clisby is celebrating 15+ years of being a member of the BC massage therapy association! It is a wonderful milestone to achieve while serving in health care! Cheers to another 15 years of being an RMT!