Booking and Cost of Massage Therapy


phone: 250-338-4515


$250/ 2 hours  

Both include GST.  Making payments is easy with our debit/credit machine.

Cancellation policy is 100% of cost of appointment without 24 hours notice, if unrelated to illness.  This must be paid by the patient and cannot be billed to extended medical as they only cover services received. 

Type of massage therapy offered:  This truly depends on the individual.  Some wish to focus on relaxation, others may be recovering from an injury or preparing for an upcoming sport event.  Others may be managing a chronic illness or suffer from a life long disease.  Leslie Clisby is skilled in sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial, visceral manipulation, joint manipulation, relaxation techniques, trigger point therapy to name a few different styles of massage therapy offered at Functional Massage Therapy.

Direct billing now available to most companies!  Blue Cross, RCMP, Veteran Affairs Canada, Greenshield, Claim Secure, Great West Life/Canada Life, Manulife, SunLife, Chambers of Commerce, Cowan, Desjardins Insurance, Maximum Benefit, Johnson and Johnston Group, Benefit Plan Administrators, Canadian Construction Workers Union, CINUP, First Canadian, GMS Carrier 49/50, Grouphealth, Groupsource, Industrial Alliance, LiUNA Local 183/506, Manion, People’s Corporation,Telus Adjudicare.  Please confirm your coverage before you arrive to ensure you know your deductible limit, whether a doctor referral is necessary and the percentage covered.  Each company and policy is a different.  Receipts are accepted by other extended medical plans for reimbursement.  

Functional Massage Therapy does not direct bill to ICBC or WCB/Worksafe BC.

Call 250 338 4515 today to see how Leslie Clisby can help return you to work or play. to book an appointment online.