Current Covid Precautions

Functional Massage Therapy strives to reduce the risk of transmitting the Covid virus through a number of different precautions and policies. Some are required by the college which governs Registered Massage Therapy in BC, and some measures are in place to better protect the local community.

Leslie Clisby takes her role in your health care seriously by keeping her social interactions to under a 6 pack outside of her home bubble and does not interact with anyone ill or experiencing a potential covid symptom. Leslie is committed to staying within our local health authority during this pandemic and not hosting anyone from outside of VIHA. She wears a mask while inside any facility (school, gym, venue, business, etc).

Functional Massage Therapy requests every patient seeking care to practice a low risk lifestyle in the 2 weeks leading up to their appointment, especially while we have new cases daily on the Island. There is a fine line between being able to serve you and having to close and isolate due to contact tracing. Please be aware and act with care!

What are the new required normals of receiving massage at Functional Massage Therapy?

A phone call is required the day before your massage to ensure informed consent regarding bubbles, travel and health. Patients need to complete the BC covid self assessment the day before, as well as at the time of your massage. A covid specific consent form needs to be signed once. Patients are required to wear a mask, (a disposable one will be provided or you can provide your own, ensuring it is clean and not worn before your appointment). Your RMT is required to keep the clinic doors locked and open them for patients entering and exiting the clinic to keep contact points to a minimum. Patients are asked to wash their hands upon entering the clinic and at the completion of their massage. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk. The clinic is disinfected between each appointment, including table legs, chairs, taps, pens, counters. Receipts are emailed.

How has Functional Massage Therapy gone above and beyond the minimum requirements to best ensure as safe an environment as possible?

Other than the travel vow to stay on the island, air purifiers are in place in the reception area and in the treatment room; there is only one person operating out of the clinic; only 16 patients are treated a week. There is a creative solution for those uncomfortable with wearing a mask while face down, involving a pillow case/wind sock draped through the face piece hole! Other suggestions or concerns are welcome!