Change of policies/reminders!

Functional Massage Therapy patients are no longer asked to complete the BC Covid self assessment 3 days prior to their massage therapy appointment. One day reminders will continue to be sent out with the link to complete the self assessment the day before your massage.

Now that online booking is self serve again, a new survey will be emailed out to ensure no new patient falls in the cracks of understanding informed consent at Functional Massage Therapy. At the moment, this survey gets sent out automatically 3 days before your massage. In the future, it will get sent as soon as someone books an appointment.

The day before the massage phone calls to verify bubbles, travel and health are still required by the College of Massage Therapy of BC. Hopefully the survey will help keep these phone calls short and efficient!

Online Booking is Open!

Functional Massage Therapy has opened online booking at the click of a button from this website! You can also link to Leslie’s schedule and your profile via the Jane platform at or via the “Book an Appointment” button, on the right side of this home screen, below the clinic photo.

Leslie Clisby has space in their schedule to welcome new patients to Functional Massage Therapy. Patients are required to be low risk due to the current Covid environment here on the Island, out of respect for all patients that seek care at Functional Massage Therapy. This means for the two weeks prior to your massage appointment – keep faces and places to a minimum by; keeping social gatherings to a 6 pack outside of your home bubble; stay on the Island and don’t host guests or family from off Island, (surrounding gulf islands are fine, but Powell River is Vancouver Coastal health authority, which is experiencing a 2nd wave), have no symptoms, mild or otherwise and have no contact with anyone ill for 10 days. I rely on your honesty and cooperation to keep my doors safely open!

Free to roam the Island in August!

The fluidity of the Covid situation brings new updates!

Travel anywhere within the Island Health Authority is once again acceptable in the 2 weeks leading up to your massage therapy appointment at Functional Massage Therapy. Including hosting guests from within this region. Leslie once presumed that most of the cases were down in the South Island, but yesterdays news and refined details regarding the location of cases have changed this policy back to the original reopening plan. With the North Island having one active case, Functional Massage Therapy needs to keep the policy on gatherings limited to a 6 pack outside of your home bubble until the Island has no new cases for 14 days.Please do your part to keep your bubble low risk until I can treat you!

Best Care for August 2020

Functional Massage Therapy is tightening their bubble security to maintain a low risk exposure level while still remaining open! Considering the recent cases on the island and within the province, as well as Dr. Henry’s most recent message regarding bubble size and travel, some changes need to happen.

Beginning next week, anyone gathering with more than 6 people from separate bubbles will need to hold off from seeking massage from Functional Massage Therapy for a period of 2 weeks. Also, anyone leaving the Comox Valley, Campbell River region or hosting guests from outside this region will be asked to wait 2 weeks before coming into Functional Massage Therapy. Port Alberni, Cortes, Quadra, Hornby and Denman will be considered part of this travel bubble region due to Leslie’s own personal bubble exposure. For example: You play hockey every week with 10 people on the bench/dressing room. Please don’t request a massage from Leslie until you are willing to take 2 weeks off hockey. OR you just went to Victoria as a tourist to do some shopping and hiking with your own bubble, please wait 2 weeks before booking a massage from Leslie. OR you just went camping with some friends from Nanaimo in Tofino; please wait 2 weeks before coming into Functional Massage Therapy. What is acceptable in the days leading up to your massage? Work in Port Alberni, camping around Campbell River, visiting family on Cortes etc.

I suspect this level of precautions will last until there are no new cases within VIHA for 2 weeks. Until then, please reduce the faces and places you visit. Leslie is committed to staying local for the month of August in order to keep serving your needs in a safe manner!

Learning more, doing what is best. Covid 2020 Reopening update!

Functional Massage Therapy has been opened for the past 3 weeks while the Island had no positive cases. Now that one was recently announced in the south Island, it is wise to review my systems and make improvements where necessary before a local case is announced. Until today, some patients with pre-existing chronic mild symptoms that are familiar to them and them to me, were treated using clinical reasoning; feeling comfortable with the status on the Island and my precautions of not treating anyone with exposure off the Island for 2 weeks were adequate. Things like blowing your nose upon awakening or a headache from a kinked position while napping, were discussed and referred to *811, while informed consent was given to proceed. Today, my system is to reschedule any Covid symptom for any reason until a negative Covid test is confirmed or 10 days have past since onset of symptoms and those symptoms have resolved, allergies and headaches included. Please call *811 to discuss your options for all of our protection before booking an appointment should you have a runny nose. I need to rely on honesty and a level of seriousness for the process to keep helping my patients. Fever reducing medication (Tylenol) can’t be taken for four hours before monitoring for fever. Should you be on antibiotics for any reason, please wait until the prescription is complete before booking an appointment. There will be plenty to massage once the nose clears, the headache fades and we can all breathe easy again! Hopefully it won’t take 3 months to get in to see me again if we all do our part! It’s a minor inconvenience but necessary in these strange times. As a precaution, Leslie Clisby was recently swabbed and tested negative. It turns out “normal” morning congestion can be related to excessive cheese/sugar intake. There will be plenty of time for cake once covid is a thing of the past. This is the link that guides my decisions, as well as the wonderful supportive team at VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority! Take Care and be Kind!

Online booking unavailable at the moment

As Leslie Clisby strives to re-establish care to her patients in this new Covid environment, all online booking options have been disabled. While the system is inaccessible, a switch will be made to a BC based company, Jane! Stay tuned for the switch!

Functional Massage Therapy is Reopening June 1st, 2020!

How we rise to a challenge determines our fortitude! The past 12 weeks away from providing hands on care was interesting, difficult and transforming. Through it all, I held onto my belief in best case scenarios, that we would be spared what we were witnessing happening around the globe due to the effects of the Covid virus. I am so happy to poke my head out of my home and connect with my patients finally! Processing the changes and shifts in how we manage physical distance and our healthcare has been a daunting task as I contemplated reopening the clinic. Great consideration was put into all avenues of best care for myself and my patients. I have successfully created a reopening plan and I am happy to forward it to anyone who cares to know what has been happening behind the scenes to prepare for a return to hands on care in this day and age. I will be busy sanitizing the clinic in between patients, so it may take a little longer to return phone calls and emails. Maybe even a whole day. Please be patient as I adjust to this new normal of exceptional service.

I have disabled the online booking option for the time being as I strive to re-establish care to those that have counted on me pre Covid. All patients are welcome to request appointments via or 250 338 4515. New patients included! I am limiting my practice to residents of the Comox Valley and Campbell River regions in my first phases of reopening. This means that you must isolate from Functional Massage Therapy until 2 weeks have passed since your return to the Island or once off Island guests, family, friends have vacated your care/home/vehicle. This is an extra precaution that only applies to my private practice. I feel empowered to open my doors knowing the Island has had no new cases in over 2 weeks. I feel it is in everyone’s best interests to be cautious in how we ease our own personal restrictions. Please take care until I can treat you again!


Leslie Clisby!

How soon is too late?

May 7, 2020 update! 

The provincial health authority has announced they will be lifting the restrictions for massage therapy, possibly as early as the 19th of May.  Functional Massage Therapy is waiting for our governing college to announce protocols and procedures on how we can do this safely without spreading the Covid virus.  Until then, the online booking has been disabled and no new appointments will be made.  

Once open, ​Functional Massage Therapy will only be serving residents of the Comox Valley and Campbell River.  Priority will be on re-establishing care to my patients who were cancelled in the past 7 weeks.  Those patients will be contacted by phone to arrange appointments and to answer any questions or concerns. All other requests for treatment can be emailed to or by phone 250 338 4515.  These requests will be contacted in my next phase of reopening, depending on how the first phase goes.  New patient requests will be deferred until July as a general rule, although compassionate requests will be considered on a case by case basis depending on the situation.

​I am grateful for everyone that reached out with such care during this closure!  I’m most impressed by how you are all handling this break in your normal care and routine!  Keep up your efforts of keeping 2 meters apart and staying home if mildly ill!  Take care and breathe easy until I can treat you again!

Closed due to Covid: Stop the Spread!

The best way to flatten the curve is to get ahead of it with prevention and precaution with best practices. Functional Massage Therapy will be closed for a month, if not longer, depending on the active cases on the Island at that time. Please limit your travel, including within Canada. Local states of emergency are arising in Alberta. It is suggested by some authorities to limit travel within 100km and self quarantine for 3 weeks upon your return outside of that distance. Honor the 1-2 meter distance between humans until the daily viral count is in the single digits again, per province. Know that it takes an average of 5 days before you feel symptoms. May you breathe easy until Leslie Clisby can treat you again.

Honoring the Covid 19 return from travel requirement.

Functional Massage Therapy is committed to providing a safe environment and delivering a consistent message aligned with our provincial health authority. It is with this in mind that the clinic cannot serve anyone that has recently returned from travel outside of Canada for a period of 2 weeks upon their return. Regardless of whether you feel a fever, dry cough and breathing difficulties, the two weeks is necessary to ensure the incubation period of the virus has passed. Please refrain from booking an appointment or coming to the clinic until this quarantine period has passed. It is our social responsibility to manage ourselves with self control and seriousness as we limit the exposure to this virus.