New for Functional Massage Therapy!

Beginning June 1st, 2018, Functional Massage Therapy rates will increase to $100/hour.  Mainly to keep in line with my colleagues here in the Comox Valley!

I am considering adding online booking to increase options for my patients.  I hope to have this ready in the next month or so.  One less barrier to keeping you functional and helping me serve you!  It will be a leap in faith as I give up control, but as long as I’m fully booked, I will be happy!

Looking through my files since I changed locations almost 2 years ago, I realized there are still a number of patients that have yet to receive treatment at my new clinic space.  Please don’t hesitate any longer!  My practice has come a long way in the 6 years since I set up shop for myself.  I think you will find the ground level, wheelchair accessible space very convenient, delightful and relaxing!



Happy Anniversary!

5 years ago today, Functional Massage Therapy was established to serve the Comox Valley! Congratulations to everyone that has been part of its success!  Each and everyday is a learning experience and I have nothing but gratitude going forward.  Today also marks my 6 month anniversary sharing space with Dr. Andrew Kerr and Brittany at Dragonfly Community Acupuncture!  Bless their hearts and space!

This past weekend I took another course with my favorite instructors, Heather Gittens and Natale Rao!  Part 2 of visceral manipulation ~ included your small and large intestines, gall bladder and everything in between!  Their encouragement, guidance, perspectives and wisdom was a gift to receive!  I’m excited to see how this will help my patients decrease pain and improve their function!

Moving into the dark winter months, I continue to hold space for my patients Monday through Thursday.  Things are a little busy around the clinic, so please book ahead where possible.  Especially as we prepare for the snowy season, it’s going to be a good one! My mantra for this winter as we focus on taking care of ourselves is ~ Best Case Scenario. Lets see what we can accomplish!




Heat Waves and Chilling out

June is around the corner and the temperature feels like Maui here in the Comox Valley! The clinic fan is ready to cool you off, while you settle in for an hour of having your needs heard, your muscles massaged and your nerves soothed. New in the clinic is Cryoderm! I have a small supply on hand to sell. It’s a gel that acts like an ice pack to calm your achey muscles and joints. Small convenient bottle fits in your purse or gym bag.

I will be taking some time this summer to reunite with my fellow Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy graduates from 10 years ago! To accomodate this and some other fun times, Functional Massage Therapy will be open a few Fridays this summer: June 5th, July 3rd, August 7, August 14th. Otherwise, its business as usual; open Monday through Thursday to serve you and yours! Give us a call today!

Spring has Sprung

Do you have an injury that needs rehabilitation and live in the Comox Valley? Functional Massage Therapy can help get your body moving so you can get out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and longer days. Whether your injury is old or new or your body clicks and clunks when you know it shouldn’t, Leslie Clisby has some tricks up her sleeves to help ease your body into this new season. Centrally located at 2-345 6th Street, Courtenay, BC.