Relaxing boundaries to BC wide

For the first time in 2 years, anyone in BC for 5 days preceding your massage appointment can access care at Functional Massage Therapy. As long as you are symptom free and haven’t had close contact with someone ill (including new onset of runny nose, cough, skin rash, fever etc), in the past 5 days. Appointments are once again available for workplace exposures as long as PPE was worn. Masks remain mandatory during your time inside the clinic. Your honesty, cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated!

Change of requirements!

The latest update from the College of Massage Therapy of BC, (November 2, 2020), requires patients to complete the BC Covid Self Assessment Survey 2 days before their massage and day before phone calls are no longer necessary!

Each patient will receive only one email, 2 days before their appointment. Functional Massage Therapy has streamlined the BC Covid Self Assessment Questionnaire with the bubbles, travel and health survey; making it easier to complete without having to navigate to another webpage. To reduce the number of emails received for each massage appointment, day before reminders will no longer be sent. Phone calls will only be made if the BC Covid Self Assessment questionnaire has not been filled out 2 days before their massage appointment. All other steps to reduce the risk of Covid transmission will continue to be in place.

New patients will receive a phone call as soon as Leslie Clisby notices they have booked, to ensure they understand Functional Massage Therapy’s policy of only treating patients that have stayed within Vancouver Island health region’s boundaries for 2 weeks before their massage and have not hosted anyone from off Island in this time. Hosting includes hugging, sharing meals and social gatherings. This policy will continue for all that enter the clinic for an extra layer of protection for our community; especially while neighbouring health authorities experience high numbers of active cases!

Making it easier to access Functional Massage Therapy!

Gathering size is no longer a restriction to accessing treatment from Functional Massage Therapy. Time to let go of what happens outside of the clinic, slowly. Health symptoms and travel limitations outside of Vancouver Island will remain for the time being. I appreciate the cooperation with the early prescreening efforts! I like to believe they increased awareness and eased the burden on our community over the summer! Take care until I can treat you again!

Functional Massage Therapy is Reopening June 1st, 2020!

How we rise to a challenge determines our fortitude! The past 12 weeks away from providing hands on care was interesting, difficult and transforming. Through it all, I held onto my belief in best case scenarios, that we would be spared what we were witnessing happening around the globe due to the effects of the Covid virus. I am so happy to poke my head out of my home and connect with my patients finally! Processing the changes and shifts in how we manage physical distance and our healthcare has been a daunting task as I contemplated reopening the clinic. Great consideration was put into all avenues of best care for myself and my patients. I have successfully created a reopening plan and I am happy to forward it to anyone who cares to know what has been happening behind the scenes to prepare for a return to hands on care in this day and age. I will be busy sanitizing the clinic in between patients, so it may take a little longer to return phone calls and emails. Maybe even a whole day. Please be patient as I adjust to this new normal of exceptional service.

I have disabled the online booking option for the time being as I strive to re-establish care to those that have counted on me pre Covid. All patients are welcome to request appointments via or 250 338 4515. New patients included! I am limiting my practice to residents of the Comox Valley and Campbell River regions in my first phases of reopening. This means that you must isolate from Functional Massage Therapy until 2 weeks have passed since your return to the Island or once off Island guests, family, friends have vacated your care/home/vehicle. This is an extra precaution that only applies to my private practice. I feel empowered to open my doors knowing the Island has had no new cases in over 2 weeks. I feel it is in everyone’s best interests to be cautious in how we ease our own personal restrictions. Please take care until I can treat you again!


Leslie Clisby!

Wider base of support

As summer fades to fall, we are pleased to announce a new wider massage table to better support our patients! When we can operate from a place of stability instead of a place of protection, our whole game and playing field changes! Book an appointment with Functional Massage Therapy to learn how this may apply to you!

With school returning, we are reminded that it has been 14 years since Leslie Clisby became a RMT! May we all continue learning and growing! May you succeed at everything that grabs your focus!

New for Functional Massage Therapy!

Beginning June 1st, 2018, Functional Massage Therapy rates will increase to $100/hour.  Mainly to keep in line with my colleagues here in the Comox Valley!

I am considering adding online booking to increase options for my patients.  I hope to have this ready in the next month or so.  One less barrier to keeping you functional and helping me serve you!  It will be a leap in faith as I give up control, but as long as I’m fully booked, I will be happy!

Looking through my files since I changed locations almost 2 years ago, I realized there are still a number of patients that have yet to receive treatment at my new clinic space.  Please don’t hesitate any longer!  My practice has come a long way in the 6 years since I set up shop for myself.  I think you will find the ground level, wheelchair accessible space very convenient, delightful and relaxing!



Improving access by removing barriers!

20160803_113052_resizedKeeping with the ground level theme of my new clinic space at 331C 6th Street, I am signing up for direct billing to extended medical insurers. Blue Cross members can now enjoy this convenience! This means that if you have 100% coverage, there is no exchange of money or having to submit your own claims. I do it all for you, including finding out what coverage you have. Only have 80% coverage? Too easy; 20% will be billed to you at time of treatment, that is only $19 cost to you. Have questions or want to book in now for massage therapy, call 250 338 4515 today! Coming this fall, direct billing for sunlife, manulife, great west life, chamber of commerce group plans, desjardins, cowan, johnson and maximum benefit!

Have you had success with massage therapy improving your quality of life or decreasing your symptoms?  Please share your experience with your Doctor or friends!  Perhaps massage therapy could be of benefit to others as well!  We need to start sharing our strengths and what has helped you personally to improve options and choices for everyone!  Did you know that massage therapy can help with hiccups, painful feet, decreased grip strength of hands, bladder infections, sciatic pain, numbness and tingling. Just to name a few.   I love explaining how our bodies function to improve our understanding and self awareness!


Heat Waves and Chilling out

June is around the corner and the temperature feels like Maui here in the Comox Valley! The clinic fan is ready to cool you off, while you settle in for an hour of having your needs heard, your muscles massaged and your nerves soothed. New in the clinic is Cryoderm! I have a small supply on hand to sell. It’s a gel that acts like an ice pack to calm your achey muscles and joints. Small convenient bottle fits in your purse or gym bag.

I will be taking some time this summer to reunite with my fellow Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy graduates from 10 years ago! To accomodate this and some other fun times, Functional Massage Therapy will be open a few Fridays this summer: June 5th, July 3rd, August 7, August 14th. Otherwise, its business as usual; open Monday through Thursday to serve you and yours! Give us a call today!

Spring has Sprung

Do you have an injury that needs rehabilitation and live in the Comox Valley? Functional Massage Therapy can help get your body moving so you can get out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and longer days. Whether your injury is old or new or your body clicks and clunks when you know it shouldn’t, Leslie Clisby has some tricks up her sleeves to help ease your body into this new season. Centrally located at 2-345 6th Street, Courtenay, BC.

Can massage therapy help with osteoarthritis

I recently received a phone call from someone with osteoarthritis of the shoulder and they didn’t think massage therapy would help. I explained how massage therapy would help relieve the pressure that was causing the two bones to grind eachother, wearing down the cartilage and bone. Prevention and early detection is key to managing this condition. The sooner the patient can be educated about the resting position of the joint in question, easing the specific muscle tension through stretching and use of heat and/or cold as well as receiving massage therapy to help balance the joint would be beneficial at any stage of osteoarthritis.

I once had an elderly man come see me who was just put on the hip replacement waitlist due to mild osteoarthritis. His symptoms subsided within 3 visits and he took himself off the surgery waitlist. This outcome wouldn’t be possible if he had waited until he couldn’t move his hip to come see me. At that point, the damage is done and the treatment focus would shift to preventing further deterioration until surgery was completed by strengthening the hip muscles to hold it in neutral, thereby decreasing the post operation rehabilitation time.

Another fellow comes to see me every few weeks to help manage his hip and knee pain after his hip replacement surgery 7 years ago. These visits help him enjoy a quality of life that wouldn’t be possible without massage therapy – I just wish I had gotten my hands on him sooner!

Some people believe osteoarthritis is genetic. For the most part, I disagree. It’s typically caused by improper movement patterns resulting from poor posture, repetitive movements, hypermobility or injuries (torn muscles, broken bones etc that affect how the joint moves). Talk about your specific case with your massage therapist today, don’t delay!